Volume 21 Issue 6
Jun.  2023
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TENZIN Tsomo, LIU Xiang, CHEN Hong, TIAN Jiahe, CAO Zilong, CHEN Yiqi, WANG Zhaoxin, YU Wenya. The global development of community health management and its reference to China[J]. Chinese Journal of General Practice, 2023, 21(6): 903-906. doi: 10.16766/j.cnki.issn.1674-4152.003011
Citation: TENZIN Tsomo, LIU Xiang, CHEN Hong, TIAN Jiahe, CAO Zilong, CHEN Yiqi, WANG Zhaoxin, YU Wenya. The global development of community health management and its reference to China[J]. Chinese Journal of General Practice, 2023, 21(6): 903-906. doi: 10.16766/j.cnki.issn.1674-4152.003011

The global development of community health management and its reference to China

doi: 10.16766/j.cnki.issn.1674-4152.003011








  • Received Date: 2022-12-09
    Available Online: 2023-08-26
  • With the change in the spectrum of diseases and causes of death, the aggravation of population aging, the increasing prevalence rate of chronic diseases, and the particularity of the post-epidemic era, the health concept of Chinese residents has changed significantly, and the demand for healthcare is growing gradually. Traditional specialized and systematic medical services have been unable to meet people' s various needs for health.Community health management is based on the health needs of people with different health conditions, relying on a mature community health service system to collect, analyze, and evaluate residents' health data, which helps provide professional health guidance and intervention for residents. It has become a key breakthrough in dealing with the rising demand for healthcare and controlling the unreasonable growth of medical expenses in China. Although community health management in China has kept continuous development in the past decade, it is still in the very early stage and lacks a suitable model and specific proposal. However, community health management in other countries has been rising and developing for more than half a century, and there have been several mature and effective models in various countries. Therefore, through analyzing the theories, practice, and development characteristics of health management models in some representative countries (e.g., the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Japan), and conducting case analysis of foreign community health management practice projects, this study aims to analyze the advantages and development characteristics of different community health management models from both theoretical and practical perspectives and analyze and evaluate the characteristics and effects of practice projects. Based on these analyses and combined with foreign community health management models, this study will deeply explore the current development status, characteristics, and existing problems of community health management models in China, which will provide theoretical evidence and direction for more accurate community health management models suitable for national conditions and practical needs in China.


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